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Our featured up and coming artist of the week is Kingsville, Ontario's Fresh Breath.

Josh and Katie of Fresh Breath are a husband and wife duo who have been making music together for over a decade now and are gearing up for an action packed Spring/Summer. This past year allowed for them to put their artistry to the forefront and pursue music full-time and they've been hard at work, once again, ever since.

In 2020 they released five brand new singles including an all new original Christmas song which we personally played a ton throughout the holidays. It's hard not to love a holiday themed song with the hook being "There better be some beers in fridge on Christmas morning". We were here for it and we're definitely here for what they have planned in the year to come .

2020 was a massive year for social media. Even your grandparents were active in the comment sections this past year...whether you liked it or not. The growing influence of social media was not lost on Fresh Breath who released their song "Likes & Shares" which went on to be a mainstay in online radio for the year 2020, cracking the Top 100 for Canadian Online Radio.

In the meantime, they've been keeping busy with some phenomenal covers on YouTube. Their eclectic style lends to their ability of pulling off pretty much any cover they decide to bust out, including an incredible cover of The Cranberries "Linger" in which Katie plays flute to replicate the string arrangements of the original.

What's next for Fresh Breath? They have just secured a Factor (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) Artist Development Grant and are setting their sights on an EP release this summer. Josh reported to TNO that the EP is slated for sometime in August but they do have some single releases that could end up on your Spotify patio season playlists as early as this May.

We're extremely excited for the future of this songwriting power couple and will be keeping close tabs on Fresh Breath in the coming months. Make sure to keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hear the full interview with the band here:

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