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Our featured artist of the week is Toronto, Ontario's Nelson Sobral

Singer-songwriter Nelson Sobral is an artist that defies genre all together. In a world where, at the end of the year, our Spotify account likes to let us know what genre's we love, what musical boxes our tastes fall into, Nelson Sobral is an artist that challenges the compartmentalization of our musical tastes. With flashes of Americana, Soul, Country, Blues and Rock 'n Roll, Sobral is delivering music that, time and time again, is hard to put into a single box but is definitely going to get your toe tapping and keep you coming back for more.

As a radio host, writer and, most importantly, a fan, I feel compelled to attempt to describe Sobral's music. If I were to make a swing at that, I might tell you he's a mixture of The Black Crowes and Chris Stapleton but that would be oversimplifying things. More accurately, Nelson Sobral has a sound that's one of a kind, while echoing elements from all across the musical spectrum. His newest single "Pendulum" is a testament to how his eclectic style can be both unique and catchy as hell.

It's no surprise that this year has been especially hard on independent musicians. As London, Ontario's Aaron Allen alluded to us last week, there's no governing body to let musicians know when they're going back to work. Nelson Sobral describes himself as a "gigging musician", playing a handful of shows each and every week, and with the Covid-19 pandemic still looming over in a big way, being a gigging musician has never been more difficult. This has not slown things down for Sobral when it comes to putting the nose to the grindstone and continuing to make music. With a few singles planned for later on this summer and a busy schedule of livestream performances, he's a pretty busy guy these days even though the landscape has changed dramatically in the last year-and-change.

Combining raw talent, work ethic and a strong unique voice, I think the sky is the limit for an artist like Nelson Sobral. His newest single "Pendulum" proves that his sound is something that's able to exist on Country and Rock 'n Roll radio alike and deliver a relatable, catchy song to a wide demographic of music lovers.

Make sure to follow Nelson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and hit up his Website for further listening and exceptional merchandise.

Check out out full interview here:

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